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What are the Benefits of a Tire Rotation?

What are the Benefits of a Tire Rotation?

For most drivers, tires aren't the most exciting feature of a vehicle. But they are one of the most important parts of your car, and having a regular tire rotation done is a vital part of maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle. In fact, there are many benefits to performing a regular tire rotation. 1. Rotating the tires make them last longer. Tires on the front of your vehicle wear down differently than rear tires. For example, if your vehicle has front-wheel-drive then the front tires will endure more wear due to braking, turning, and accelerating. Evening out the wear can increase your tire life by up to 20%. 2. Rotating the tires lowers the risk of tire failure by avoiding excessive wear. During bad road conditions such as heavy rain or snow, a worn-down tire could lose traction, resulting in sliding and loss of vehicle control. A tire that is too worn down could also result in an unexpected tire blow-out. 3. Rotating the tires improves your vehicle performanc ... read more

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