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Why Can’t I Back Out of My Parking Space?

Imagine heading out, read to start your day, and your car refuses to reverse out of the garage. The average person would probably freak out. You rely on reverse gear to back out of a parking space is something we do and rely on every day. If your car doesn't follow this command, then the problem is likely stemming from your transmission. The transmission is your vehicle's gear shifter. Modern transmissions are usually made up of five to six gear sets that power your vehicle.

Not only does a malfunctioning reverse function prevent you from going places, but it could mean your vehicle is in need of a significant repair. Your first step should be to ensure your parking brake is not active. Before attempting to back up again, we suggest that you let your car idle to warm up the transmission fluid. If those methods don't work, remain calm. Your next step is to phone a tow truck and wait. These problems listed below may be behind your stubborn car:


Low or Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is necessary to lubricate your internal components and diminish excess heat. If your transmission fluid is running low, your gears could overheat, slip, or cause trouble shifting. Contaminated fluid will also stop properly lubricating your transmission's external transmission gaskets, seals, and O-rings due to a sludge build-up. The fix for contamination is a proper flush and change of the fluid. The standard vehicle requires fresh transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Your technician will also check your transmission fluid levels as part of your regular maintenance appointment. 


Defect in Transmission Position Sensor (Automatic)

The gearshift on automatic transmissions has a sensor that communicates to the transmission whenever you need to reverse. If this sensor is damaged in any way, your car's check engine light will probably illuminate. A quick solution for this issue is slowly shifting the vehicle from park to low several times to remove any corrosion. Afterward, you'll be able to make it to the auto shop for diagnosis. 


Faulty Shifter or Lockout Ring (Manual)

In manual vehicles, shifter linkage cables can bend or break and make it challenging to shift. The lockout ring, which prevents you from shifting to reverse while your car is accelerating forward, may malfunction.


Damaged Gears 

If you hear an unusual sound, such as grinding or clicking, your reverse gear may be broken after all. A stripped-out automatic transmission reverse gear is a task for a professional.


If your automobile fails to reverse, please reach out to our expert team at Pete's Auto Service. Give us a call at (704) 343-8431 or visit our shop in Charlotte, NC, today.

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