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When To Use (and Not Use) Your Main/High Beam Headlights

Main beam headlights (also referred to as high beam headlights) can make your driving feel a lot safer in the right situations. However, main beam headlights can be a significant safety hazard when misused—knowing how and when you use your main beams is critical for every driver of every age. 


What Are They

Main beam headlights give you a choice to make your headlights brighter when you have difficulty seeing through your windshield. They can also be called high beam headlights, flashers, full beam, high beam, and blinders. Most vehicles' main beam is controlled by the stick on the left side of your steering wheel, which also controls your turn signals. When your high beams are on, you'll notice straight away that your headlights are brighter. They illuminate a larger surface area, allowing you to see more of the road ahead.


When To Use 

Most of the time, your low beams are bright enough in the city, where there are plenty of streetlights. However, high beam headlights are suitable to use when driving at night in a poorly lit area. You can also use main beams on empty roads to see better. As long as there are no other vehicles in your line of sight, there's no harm in turning them on. Just remember to quickly turn them off if another vehicle is coming towards you.


When Not to Use

Although main beam headlights can assist drivers at night, there are times when using your main beams is considered unsafe. Anytime you're around other cars, it's highly frowned upon to have them on. Main beams are significantly brighter than low beams, so you have the potential to blind other drivers. 

Low beam headlights point closer to the ground - hence, the name. They're designed this way to lighten the road without shining in the eyes of other motorists. Main beams, however, point straight ahead. The light can also reflect off other drivers' rearview mirrors and blind them.

Using high beam headlights is never a good idea in the snow, rain, or fog because the light from your lights reflects off the moisture in the air and makes it more challenging to see. 


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