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What's the Difference Between Brake Pads vs. Brake Rotors?

Besides oil changes, brake inspections and repairs are among the most common services that vehicle owners must get. After all, everyone needs their brakes to be working properly to get them safely from point a to point b! There is definitely more than one part at play when it comes to your brake system. Today, we will be discussing the different parts, especially the pads and rotors.

Most vehicles on the road today have disc brake systems as opposed to the traditional drum brake. Disc brakes have three primary parts: caliper, brake pad, and brake rotor.


Brake Pads vs. Brake Rotors

Brake pads are fastened to the calipers, which are clamp-like parts that close when you apply pressure on the brake pedal. The calipers and pads grab onto the brake rotors, which are the disc-like structures themselves. The rotors are in sync with the wheels, so when the calipers hold onto the rotors, your car will slow down. 


When to Replace Brake Pads or Rotors

Like any other vehicle part, the brake pads and rotors will become ineffective over time and will need to be replaced. In some cases, rotors can be restored by a professional. But, a replacement is necessary in some cases too.

We highly urge you to get regular brake inspections to ensure you're operating a safe vehicle. The longevity of your brake pads and rotors will be dependent on multiple factors: quality of the parts, your driving habits, road conditions, weather, vehicle weight, and towing loads. Your brakes will also alert you when they need service, often through a series of loud screeching or odd-feeling brake pedals.


If you need any brake service, our expert team at Pete's Auto Service has got you covered. We can perform a complete brake inspection and let you know what parts need attention. We'll get you back on the road safely in no time. Please call or visit us today! 

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