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Types of Vehicle Lights and What they Do

The lights on the outside of our cars, SUVs, and trucks serve many different purposes. Sometimes, it can be challenging to keep track of all of them. Since they are external, it can be hard to detect when they go out. Lights are vulnerable to outages, damage, and even electrical failures. Whenever you require automotive lighting service or repairs, turn to Pete’s Auto Service for help.

Types of Car Lights

  • Low Beam Headlights - These are the basic headlights that aim forward to light up your path and let others know of your presence without blinding them. They improve visibility and safety and can be used pretty much anytime and through any conditions.
  • High Beam Headlights - These are your bright headlights that illuminate dark or unlit roads. You should avoid using them when vehicles are coming toward you or driving in front of you. It is also frowned upon to use them when it is precipitating.
  • Daytime Lights - Most modern vehicles have this category of lighting that turns on automatically to provide better lighting in daylight hours. They’re a more appropriate alternative to low-beam headlights during the day. In most cars, you have the option to turn them off.
  • Fog Lights - Fog lights are located near or below your headlights. As the name suggests, they are to be turned on during foggy conditions. They are shaped to illuminate through the thick fog without letting the lights refract.
  • Tail Lights - These lights are the red lights on the back of your car. They are always on when the headlights are on. The taillights are simply a way of letting other drivers behind you know that you are there.
  • Signal Lights/Blinkers - The signal lights are in both the front and back corners of your car. They flash to let other drivers know where you intend to turn or when you need to switch lanes or merge. You need to manually turn them on using the signal switch near the steering wheel.
  • Brake Lights - Brake lights let other motorists know that you need to slow down and/or stop. They automatically light whenever you press on the brakes.
  • Hazards/Flashers - These lights are on all four corners of your vehicle. When you press the hazard button, these lights will flash rapidly to let others know that you are in distress. Drivers tend to use them when they are in a funeral line as well.

With many lights on your automobiles, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That is why we recommend having them checked regularly during service. If you need vehicle lighting repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit the local experts at Pete’s Auto Service.

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