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The Importance of a Radiator/Coolant Flush

If you weren't aware already, your engine produces an intense amount of heat. Even with your regular oil changes, it can produce enough heat to destroy itself, which is why it heavily relies on coolant. Without replacing and inspecting the cooling system, your engine can wreak havoc and break down. A radiator flush from Pete's Auto Service can ensure that your cooling system and the engine are in the best possible condition year-round.


The coolant system is comprised of many parts, including the head gaskets, water pump, heater core, head gaskets, radiator, and heater control valve. These pieces ensure the delivery of the antifreeze mixture (coolant) to the engine to help remove excess heat. The coolant is circulated through the engine through the water pump, stretching back to the radiator and heater core to disperse heat. The more you use your coolant, the less effective it becomes. Coolant fluid deteriorates over time, making the system susceptible to rust and corrosion. Additionally, your engine will ultimately overheat and take damage if you don't treat your coolant. 


A coolant flush, or radiator flush, is the draining of an old, acidic coolant that contains rust and dirt bits that may make it ineffective and clog the system. The service involves replacing the system with clean coolant and cleaning out the radiator, water pump, and other parts of the coolant system. We can remove scale, dust, rust, and other deposits that could impact your cooling system and the engine's capabilities.


The general rule of thumb is that you should get a coolant flush before your car clocks in at 100,000 miles. After the first flush, you should do it once every two years. You can also follow what your manufacturer recommends, which can be found in your owner's manual.


Coolant Flush in Charlotte, NC

For a smooth running engine, we highly suggest you keep up with your coolant levels and condition. You should be checking your coolant and other fluid regularly to preserve your car's condition. If your vehicle requires a coolant flush soon, please reach out to our wonderful team here at Pete's Auto Service. We are conveniently located in Charlotte, NC.

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