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Strange Noises While Driving?

When your car starts to make strange noises while driving, it’s usually never a good sign. 
Certain noises can indicate specific problems depending on where they are coming from and when they happen. If you ever notice a strange noise while driving, be sure to take note of it. If it continually happens every time you drive, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected. 
The problem causing the noise can vary depending on where the noise is coming from and when it happens. Here are some common noises and their source: 
  • Squealing, screeching, or grinding while braking
  • Sputtering or rattling exhaust noises from underneath the car
  • Chirping or squealing noise from under the hood
  • Humming, growling or roaring noise while accelerating or driving at faster speeds
As soon as you notice a strange noise, be sure to note down where it seemed to be coming from and when it happened. Understanding when the noise occurs and where it could be coming from will help your local mechanic be able to better pinpoint the issue at hand. The best thing to do is to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible just in case the issue is something major. 
If you’re noticing a strange noise while driving, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Pete’s Auto Service for fast and friendly service!
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