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Signs That Your Vehicle Is Due for An Oil Change

An oil change is a simple service with high importance for every vehicle owner. Oil change services are vital for the overall operation of your car because engine oil supports engine efficiency and performance. Low or dirty oil can ultimately lead to excess heat, corrosion, and metal-to-metal contact damage between different engine parts. Engine repairs can be expensive, so it is best to avoid engine damage as much as possible by staying on top of your oil change schedule. 


Once you put clean engine oil in your car, it will circulate to lubricate engine parts and regulate heat. It also helps move any dirt or debris through the oil filter to prevent nasty build-up. Some notable signs indicate that your vehicle requires an oil change and filter replacement: 

  • The dashboard check engine light or oil light is lit up
  • Your engine makes grinding or knocking sounds
  • You notice dark and dirty oil on the dipstick
  • You smell oil around your vehicle
  • There's dark exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe
  • You notice dark puddles/oil leaks on the ground under your car

Another indicator of a need for an oil change is the number of miles you've driven since your last service. This number can vary depending on oil type, car age, and how often the car is driven. To be sure, you can refer to your owner's manual for detailed recommendations.


Oil Change Service in Charlotte, NC

Whenever you are looking for an oil change service in Charlotte, NC, please look to the pros at Pete's Auto Service. Regular oil and filter changes make a drastic difference in preserving the life of your engine. It helps keep your engine clean, reduces wear and tear, and maximizes performance. We welcome you to call us at (704) 343-8431 or schedule an appointment with us today.

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