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Should You Consider Winter Tires?

Winter tires are something that most of us here in the east have either thought about owning or have owned in our lifetime. With cold fronts and the potential of snow fall each winter, having winter tires can be necessary especially when traveling through mountainous areas or feet of snow. 

You may be wondering, do my regular tires not work in the snow? What about all-season tires? The truth is, while all-season tires may be an option for mild winter, they aren't ideal for snow weather or heavy winters. This is because all-season tires are more-so just designed to have more tread that the standard tires while winter tires are specially designed to have maximum tread and are purposely made it perform better while driving through snow. 

Winter tires offer deep tread and special tire edges grip the road and reduce snow buildup, which can cause to your vehicle sliding and losing control. They are also made with rubber tread which works well in freezing temperatures because it stays flexible, unlike that of all-season tires. Snow tires will greatly reduce sliding on winter roads and will allow you to have better control of your vehicle. It also can eliminate the need for chains in those deep snow areas. 

Winter tires should be only put on your car right before the cold weather season starts. During the rest of the year, your all-season tires will be appropriate and you can store your winter tires away until they are needed. We know that driving in heavy weather can be stressful, which is why we recommend getting winter tires if the area you live in experiences at least a few weeks under 40 degrees farenheit and usually gets snow during the winter. 

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