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Oh, no – My car is leaking!

We can only imagine how our customers feel when they are off to run their errands and find that their vehicle is leaking. What is this leak? What does this leak mean? We are used to our cars running smoothly thanks to specific fluids that keep your vehicle lubricated for a smooth drive.

As a driver can imagine, many different types of fluids keep your vehicle rolling safely down the road. With fluids ranging in color and consistency, we have a small guide to take note of. If you notice any of these leaks, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Pete’s Auto Service. Our team offers same-day service for most repairs and maintenance all managed by our top of the line ASE Certified Technicians.  

What are the types of fluid leaks you should look out for?


  1. Clear fluid – A clear fluid leak is usually water, and these leaks are typically from your vehicle’s air conditioner. 
  2. Light yellow to dark brown fluid – A leak that is anywhere between yellow and dark brown may indicate a brake leak. Brake fluid can change over time; this means that this fluid color can range from light to dark.
  3. Orange fluid – An orange fluid leak can indicate a transmission leak from the middle of your car.
  4. Light brown to black fluid – A light brown to black fluid leak most likely signifies an oil leak. With these leaks, we recommend that you reach out to one of our trusted and professional technicians to inspect further.

Understandably, any leak may cause some alarm because not having these properly diagnosed may cause permanent damage to some components of your vehicle. We at Pete’s Auto Service have up to date and accurate machines to diagnose any fluid leak your car has. Don’t let your oil leaks last; if you have questions, always call us and ask!

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