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Is Full Synthetic Oil Worth the Cost?

Modern oil changes can be confusing for some - you may be offered multiple types of oil, and maybe you aren't completely sure what the difference is between them. The main types offered include conventional oil, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. The full synthetic option tends to be the most expensive, while conventional oil is the cheapest. With full synthetic being the most expensive, the question becomes - is it worth the extra cost? 

The first thing we should talk about is your vehicle's needs. If you have a newer vehicle, chances are your vehicle actually requires full synthetic oil. If you check your vehicle's owner's manual, it will tell you the type of oil that your vehicle requires. This is both for the purpose of keeping a valid warranty and ensuring that your vehicle's lifespan is extended. 

In terms of cost, a full synthetic oil change can be between $20-$30 more expensive than a conventional oil change on average. However, the benefits of full synthetic are significant in terms of your engine's protection. According to a 2017 study by AAA, synthetic oil performs better than conventional oil by an average of 47%. It's benefits include: 

  • Better engine protection
  • Prevents sludge and grime build-up
  • Reduced degradation for heavy loads

So, what exactly is synthetic oil? Synthetic oil contains many different additives that allow the oil to breakdown slower and withstands higher temperatures. It also goes through a refining process in which conventional oil does not. 

If you're wondering if full synthetic is worth it, the answer is - yes! Engine repairs can be costly, and avoiding engine trouble is always in your best interest. The better you protect your vehicle's engine, the less likely you'll have to deal with major engine repairs in your vehicle's lifetime. 

If you're due for an oil change or have any remaining questions regarding your vehicle's oil, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Pete's Auto Service or stop by our shop for service today! 


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