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How to Tell If You Need a Transmission Fluid Flush

It’s no secret that your car needs oil changes, but what about the transmission? The transmission is equally just as important as the engine, and it requires fluid maintenance too. Without transmission fluid, your transmission would not be able to transfer a sufficient amount of power from the engine to the wheels. Similar to motor oil, transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and prevents the transmission components from overheating. 


As time passes, the transmission fluid will break down. And it can become less effective sooner when you put your car in strenuous conditions, like constant stop-and-go traffic or carrying excess weight. When the transmission fluid deteriorates, you can remedy your transmission with a flush. Below are the top 3 signs that indicate you need a transmission fluid exchange:

Problems with Gears

Whether you own an automatic or manual transmission, both need clean transmission fluid to go from gear to gear smoothly. When the fluid ages, it can get sludge to build up around the gears. In severe cases, it can prevent you from shifting gears altogether.

Grinding Sound

If you overheat the transmission making a grinding noise, your first instinct should be to inspect the level and quality of transmission fluid. This sound is a sign that there is increased friction between the metallic parts.

Jumpy Movements

When the transmission fluid is contaminated with large dirt or debris particles, your car won’t run stably. As a result, your vehicle tends to roll forward or backward without any warning. This can cause accidents, so please be careful.


Not all cars nowadays need a transmission flush, so it is important that you read over your owner’s manual to find the recommended maintenance services. A transmission fluid exchange is typically recommended every 30,000 miles for most cars, SUVs, and trucks. However, please bring your vehicle to our shop if you catch the warning symptoms mentioned above. 


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