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How to Summerize your Car

Preparing your car to make sure it can handle all weather conditions is required for every vehicle. Each weather condition or change in the atmosphere has its effects on a car. Not preparing or tuning your car to adapt to the new weather conditions may it be winter or summer could cause wear and tear on some parts of your vehicle.

During summer you experience hot days and warm nights which have effects on your vehicle. The engine works extra hard during summer and other parts like the tire and air conditioning also are affected by the heat which takes a toll on them.

Having in mind that the hot weather affects some parts of the vehicle, here are some of the things that you need to check to prepare your car for summer;

Too much heat expands the air pressure in your tires. This could result in the tires being over-inflated and the tires could blow out or excessively wear. Always maintain the pressure at the recommended psi.

Change your oil and oil filter

The oil keeps your engine parts lubricated while the oil filter makes sure no contamination gets to the oil. This ensures a powerful engine that is needed during adverse climatic conditions. Intense weather conditions like cold, hot, or wet take a toll on the oil and the oil filter, changing them during these weather conditions is required.

Checking the A/C system

Running your A/C before summer and checking for unnecessary noise and odor is required to make sure the A/C is in good condition. Having it rectified if it has a problem helps you prepare before the temperatures rise. A good A/C system in your car provides you with comfort during your drive under the scorching heat.

Conducting underhood Inspection

Checking several components under the hood is required to make sure they are all in good condition.

Checking the battery terminals and making sure they are free from corrosion is needed. This is because the battery is essential when starting the vehicle and powering some components in the car.

Inspecting the hose and belts also is required to make sure the hose has no cracks and the belts are not too tight or loose, these are effects of excessive heat.

Checking on the fluid levels is also needed. The fluids include; coolant, brake fluid, oil, and transmission fluid.

Some of these things can be done at home but to confirm every aspect and component of your car is ready to hit the summer visit Pete's Auto Service and have your car summerized by the best in the business.

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