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How to Stop Smartphone Usage While Driving

While a total of 46 states current ban texting while driving, there are others ways that our smartphones can distract us behind the wheel. Even with texting being illegal in most states, it is still tempting to send that text while at a red light or stopped in traffic. However, smartphones are extremely distracting and are a huge factor in car accident injuries and deaths. By not using your smartphone while driving, you are protecting the lives of you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. 

We know that it can be hard not to pay attention to a call or text message on the road nowadays with everyone so involved in their technology. We challenge you to try to combat this bad habit but acknowledging when you are reaching for your phone while driving and stopping yourself. Here are some other ways to stop smartphone usage while driving:  

  • Put your phone away and out of reach, either in a purse, backpack, trunk, or glove compartment. This will take away the temptation of looking at your phone like if it was in your pocket. 
  • Know your route before you leave the house. If you are relying on your phone for directions, start your trip before you leave and rely on the audio of the directions to lead the way. Having a passenger direct you is even more helpful and safe. 
  • Smartphones now have settings where you can turn your phone on do not disturb mode or automatically mute text/call notifications while driving. This can help you not be tempted to reach for your phone when you hear a message come through. 
  • If you're listening to music on your phone, pick a good playlist that won't require you scanning through your music to find a song you like. 
  • Turn your phone off when you're in the car if you don't need it for music or directions - it's the best way to stay off of it! 

The tips above can help you minimize your usage of your phone while driving and protect your safety on the road. For all of your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs, bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Pete's Auto Service!


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