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How to Drive Safely in the Snow

Winter is an exciting moment, especially for those who love the snow, but can be a real danger for drivers. Snowy conditions lead to a string of wrecks and accidents, making it a dangerous season for travelers. With shorter daylight hours and foggy weather reducing visibility, it is risky even for experienced drivers.

Unless you are a snowboarding enthusiast, snowfall is only enjoyable while indoors. Also, avoid driving where possible; it is the best way to prevent the inherent danger of driving in winter. One important rule for winter driving is determining if it's necessary. If you must drive, arrive safely with these safety tips in the snow.

Make sure you have good tires

Traction is a defining factor of tire grip on the road. You can consider chains or snow tires but make sure they are correctly inflated because tire pressure fluctuates with temperature change.

Seek professional advice for the right setup and tire balance for your vehicle. Experts recommend doing this early before snowfall.

Drive slowly

Pay attention to speed limit signs for the ideal speed. Choose the most traveled road since many are partially cleared, helping you drive slowly preventing skidding.

Plan your journey ahead of time

If it's not an emergency, take time to plan your journey regardless of the length. Stay updated on the weather conditions of the road you plan to travel. Check for any traffic news like possible accidents or closed roads to minimize risks.

Be gentle on the pedals

Accelerate and decelerate slowly. To help sustain traction and prevent skidding, don't hit on the gas hard. Remember slowing down on a snowy road takes longer, so applying the right force on the pedals helps to decelerate gently.

Notify someone of your journey

Let someone you trust know you are traveling, the destination, expected arrival time, and route. In case of delay or emergency, they can get help quickly.

Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead

A safe distance from the car ahead will prevent meaningless rear-end crashes. Such crashes occur mostly on icy roads. Where visibility is poor, turn your headlights on to help you sustain a reasonable distance.

Sometimes the best way is waiting for roads to unthaw and then drive safely, But if still, you must drive in the snow, make sure your vehicle is safe for such conditions. Don't wait, contact our repair shop today for an inspection at your earliest opportunity.

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