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Does Power Steering Fluid Need To Be Replaced?

Has the question of whether you need to replace your car's power steering fluid or not been bothering you? You've come across the right article to best educate you on the matter. Don't let worry take control when you can know once and for all.

What Is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is a fluid that is used by the power-steering system to establish a hydraulic contact between both the steering wheel with the front wheels, enabling it to move more easily. Additionally, power steering fluid greases the steering system's moving elements, ensuring maximum performance.

Does the power steering fluid need to be replaced?

Although the power steering fluid doesn't really expire, if it is not replaced or drained as necessary, it will deteriorate in the system with time. Here are signs that you need to replace your power steering fluid;

Power Steering Fluid Leakage

In case you notice a red fluid leaking onto the floor of your driveway, then it's most likely your power steering fluid. The power steering fluid in good condition is a light red tint, but it becomes amber then it has to be replaced.

Noisy Steering

If your steering becomes loud, you may have to replace the power steering fluid. This fluid not only provides the pressure needed to steer, but it also lubricates the working elements of your steering system. This lubricant ensures that your steering parts operate and interact smoothly. The mechanical components may start making rough contact without appropriate steering fluid, resulting in squeaky and scraping noises.

Power Steering Fluid Service in Charlotte, NC

To have a smooth ride, you can stop by our shop where we will do an absolutely great job for you. You should enjoy your car and not have to worry when the steering might turn into a nightmare.

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